So you’ve broken up…

Your head feels like a MISSILE has hit it!

You are lost, fretful and don’t know where to TURN!

The one person you thought would be at your side has left – devastation has set in…

What do you do??


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You think you have done everything possible to get your man back.

  • You have apologized for everything
  • You have taken the blame and all responsibility
  • You have tried to convince them you are the love of their life
  • You have promised to change for good
  • You constantly try to get your ex understand that it wasn’t all your fault
  • and finally you even beg your ex, plead for them on bended knee to take you back

The sad thing is with every word you utter you are compounding the reason why you have split.  Your ex gets more defensive, angry and distant.

Well the probable reason why these actions have not worked is that you didn’t remind your ex of how deeply they love you and how much they need you in their life – without lecturing or pestering.  It’s a tough call, how do we do this?

Take Heart! There very few relationships that cannot be mended, obviously abusive and physical relationships are not worth the effort and I would advise you to move on, but for most other causes of break ups there is usually a way to reach out to your ex and get them to see how much they need and love you.


Take a look:

First Steps in Stopping a BREAK-UP…



For every BREAK-UP there is a process, simple but effective tips to see your way through.

#1 – Understanding – what happened?  How did it all fall apart?

#2 - Panic Sets in – a BIG NO NO! Try to keep calm and rationalise.

#3 - Setting the Score – you need to know where you stand, is their any chance of reconciliation?

#4 - Plan – what do they say ‘Forget to Plan – Prepare to Fail’ – set a strategy and stick to it!

#5 – Get Back-up – you need friends/family to get on side – to fight at your side.

#6 – Ease Your Way Back – this is the stage to wear kid gloves and move slow.

#7 – Clean Slate – start a fresh, let go of the past and do not DWELL and forget the petty arguments.


What next!  How do I get to know how he is thinking?  How do I get passed his negative thinking..


Check out this Video

How to Train Your Man…



Now what about your own outlook?

Are you negative and have really know hope of getting your ex back?  You need to stand strong and above all be positive.  View this time a part as therapy and getting to know yourself.  Meet up with friends and do things that you may have been neglecting whilst in your relationship.  There is nothing more attractive than a person who is loving their life (or even appearing to to do so)!

For more tips and information on the do’s and don’t do’s, check this link below:

Fight for your Man/Wonder Touch


In the ‘Magic of Making Up’, T.W Jackson the author, explains – some controversial techniques on how to stop the break up.  Just simple tricks which you would probably not even think of trying – bet hey it can’t hurt to try!


Check out this Case Study: 





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